Sports arbitrage

Een weddenschap plaatsen kan idereen, zelfs als je dit nog nooit gedaan hebt, zelfs als je geen kennis/interesse hebt in sport

Sports arbitrage

is placing sports bets and using exchange rate differences with different bookmakers. Place a "backen" sports bet
(= standard bet as a gambler does). This same sportsbet "layen" (= against book / insurance)
with a exchange rate difference at a betting exchange. Whatever the outcome, we win 1 of the 2 bets. Place sports bets without risk thus guaranteed profit.

The secret

What bookmakers prefer keep hidden from everyone is that potential losses to cover by
By making smart use of bonuses, welcome-bonuses and sport arbitration at bookmakers, it is therefore possible to make a guaranteed profit.

Prepare NOW for 2020/2021

At the beginning of this year, the NL government approved the online Gambling Act.
Starting mid-2020, licenses will be granted to online bookmakers. Prepare you NOW for this means much and much more new earning in NL.

What needed and your skills

  • Good laptop / Computer
  • Knowledge English Language
  • Good with numbers
  • Creative
  • Approximately € 150

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About me / Proposal

I do the above and comparable strategy for several years . . . experience, knowledge and skills.

I want to share with you this strategy and my knowledge.

Why? This proposal to you . . .

Software (special Betting-system) do you need and an e-wallet (electronic wallet).

I can expand my earnings by commissions who I receive to register you as a member. The purchase price remains the same for you!


  • Responsible for your own money management / accounts. . . manage your own money by yourself!
  • Be responsible for your own revenue model by your own sportbets
  • Full and clear training(instruction+video) sportbetting by the software supplier
  • Make use of (welcome) bonuses from the bookmakers (When registering, first READ the Bonus conditions of (welcome) bonuses)